Materials and Accessories

Inks for Circuit Products & Chemical milling; Solder Masks, Conductive Inks, Plating and Etching Resists



Chemicals for a variety of processes of PCB fabrication; Microetchants, OSP, HASL Flux, Anti-tarnish



Electronic Chemicals;ENIG, Shadow Direct Metallization, Electroless Copper



Standard & High Performance Copper Clad Laminates & Pre pregs, IMS Laminates



Masslam and Drillinig Services; Small, Medium and Volume batches



Copper Foils; Conventional-, Advanced Interconnect-, Flex Circuit- & speciality Appl. foils. CAC & Aluminium Products



Drilling Enter and Back-up Materials



Graphic Overlay Films for Membrane Switches, Diazo Films



Flexible Circuit Materials & Adhesive Coatings (coverlays)



Adhesive Tapes, Kimoto Pake Retouching Pens,  Kimotect Ultra Thin Protective Lamination Film for PCB artwork films.



GOO MEISTER Capillary film



Innovative Chemistry for High-Tech Applications.



Cleaning Systems, Supplies & Solutions



Electronic Solders, HAL Solders, Solder Paste, Solder Wires & Fluxes



Carbide Micro Drills and Routers



Circular Saw Blades



Brushes for Polishing, Grinding & Deburring, Punched Brushes, Non-wowen Tools, Polishing Tools



Abrasive Brushes



Plating Racks & Baskets



Measuring Scales






UV-Lamps, UV-Accessories, Measuring Accessories



Galvanotechnic Heaters



Heaters; Immersion, Teflon, PTFE



Cutters & Blades for film work



Spray Nozzles



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