Machines and Equipments


Electrical Testing Systems, Flying Probe


Surface Treatment- , Wet Processing & PCB Handling Systems, Metal Surface Treatment Machines



Reel-to-Reel Screen Printing, Laser-Die-Cutters, Finishing Machines




Wide Range of Wet Processing, Etching & Surface Treatment Machines for PCB and Chemical Milling



Coating-, Drying-, Hole plugging & PCB Handling Systems, Roller Coaters



UV-, IR-, Thermal Drying and Curing Systems, Spray Coating Systems  



Prototyping Equipments & Materials



ML-presses, Bonding & Stack Preparation Systems for ML production



Drilling, Routing & X-ray Machines



Rotary Screen Printing Machines, Reel-to-reel  



PCB Handling Systems



High Technology Metal Etching Solutions, Regeneration Systems for Cupric Chloride and Ferric Chloride  



Laminators, Mylar Peelers, Reel-to-reel solutions.



Registration & Expousing Systems



Automatic Visual Inspection Machines for final inspection of PCBs



UV Exposure Systems



HASL Equipments & Handling Machines, Vacuum Packing Machines



PCB Handling Systems



Track Welding, Scoring & Edge Finishing Systems



Automatic Optical Test (AOT) & Inspection Systems for bare printed circuit boards



Solvent Recycling Machines, Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems, Can Crushers and Packing Compactors



Batch Ovens



Diazo Developing Machines


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